Simposio EGB Berlino

 Upcoming EGB Symposium

The Friday before the HGGS, Oct. 30th, the second EGB Symposium will take place at the Estrel.  We are working on a program that is going to include a rich variety of offerings.  Kathryn Dudley, author of the book “Guitar Makers” about the luthier scene in the US, has agreed to come.  We will also deal with CITES and alternative woods – the Leonardo Project will demonstrate non-tropical woods and conduct a “blind test” for skeptics.  And there will be much more to come!  It is shaping up to be an interesting day, with a rich choice of topics and many opportunities to participate actively.  One of the goals of this year’s Symposium is to mobilize our members and to start projects like a workgroup dedicated to collect and present information about regulatory issues (like CITES, the Lacey act, WISIA, etc.).  Also the day will be dedicated to networking, getting to know each other, and to discuss ways in which the EGB can grow and serve the luthier community.  We do hope you will join us!  We will make more information available as it develops, but at this point we just wanted to make sure that you save the date!

The EGB annual General Assembly

After the Symposium the EGB General Assembly will be taking place.  It is important that you attend!  Every 3 years the election to the board has to be conducted – that’s this year!  We will provide more information about the election, possible additions to the board and issues relating to this in time for you to familiarize yourself with all of this.

We will also send out a newsletter with the agenda – there are quite a few topics which will need to be discussed and decided – we want to chart the course for the EGB for the future and we need you to participate actively in shaping this association and its goals.  We will also present the report for last year’s activity and financial situation.

Until now the EGB has focussed mainly on the organization of the HGGS and consequently there has been little visible activity, a complaint we have heard every now and then.  A large part of this has to do with the fact that all of us are doing this on the side while running a business and have limited time and resources.  However at the Winter meeting in Vienna earlier this year we gained valuable help – several members stepped up and are now working side by side with the original core group on the HGGS organization, so we can now dedicate more time and energy to the EGB agenda. Remember we are not a service provider, we are a community effort and things only happen if you get involved and pitch in!  Jacco Stuitje is currently working on the new website which will greatly expand what we can do online.  We expect to change over in the coming weeks.



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